High level of service constantly evolving

The company ALHOME has responded at an excellent level to very difficult and peculiar constructions in private and public works throughout Greece.
It applies the CE standard to aluminum frames. It has been active in the manufacture of Iron and Aluminum for many years, having gone through a remarkable course of 20 years. It has been able to cope with projects with special applications in iron and aluminum. With the seriousness and determination that characterizes it proposes ideas and solutions for the best construction result.

Constant evolution

Our goal is to constantly improve the level of our services. For this purpose we regularly participate in specialized seminars in the industry, aiming at the excellent quality of construction at the lowest possible cost.


Year by year the demands of construction increase. That is why our company is being modernized, continuing its work dynamically, evolving into ideas and knowledge with new series in accordance with the progress of technology in the requirements and needs of modern construction.


The collaboration with Alumil, the leading aluminum production company enables us to use excellent quality materials for the manufacture of aluminum frames of all types for demanding - architectural applications.